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Helping You To Create A Mindset That Empowers You

What could have more impact on your life than improving the quality of your thinking?

What you think, the way you think and the habits of your thinking have the absolute biggest effect on your life experience.


So it makes sense that if you improve the quality of your thinking, if you have great mental techniques and if you create quality mental habits then you will be making a big impact on your life now and into the future.



About MindTekkers

That’s why throughout time people have always found incredible value in working with some kind of help outside of themselves, be it in the form of books, courses, teachers, counsellors, coaches, mentors and whatever other form of ‘outside of the self’ help works.

MindTekkers has been formed to provide the type of help that can really make a difference. I want to give you resources to make those changes and really inspire you to achieve, create and experience better outcomes because of the profound improvements to your mental techniques.


will help you to overcome mindset challenges
which have been blocking you from achieving
success, happiness and wellbeing

Unlock Your Potential

You will be able to unlock the potential that is within you by allowing the power of your mind to work for you rather than against you.

And apart from helping you to be more successful in achieving your goals, you will feel the satisfaction and contentment in your mind that comes from aligning your thinking with your values.

MindTekkers will provide you with various articles, courses, coaching packages and much more to inspire, motivate and transform your thinking.

The variety of resources available will mean that there will be something for everyone from a simple article or book to more comprehensive resources to really take it to the next level of impact. You will be able to invest in some great tools and resources that will help you go deep into the transformation process.

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Unlock the Mind

What does MindTekkers mean?

So you might be wondering about the name, MindTekkers.

Let’s break it down…

So essentially, MindTekkers is about learning exceptional techniques to use the mind better.


It’s about exploring and finding the techniques that have been found to help people achieve goals and to succeed in whatever they are trying to succeed in.


It’s about being curious, learning, understanding and recognising the particular ways in which different people are applying great mind techniques. The techniques that lead to particular behaviours, actions and identities that help to improve, become better and succeed at life.

MindTekkers provides the resources, tools and coaching for you to transform and build excellent mental techniques.

I help people who are highly motivated to change with the mindset shift they need to change

Hi, I am Hiten Shah and I am the founder of MindTekkers.

I have been fascinated by how our minds and our way of thinking works for quite some time and along my life journey I have been drawn to learning more and more.  The learning has come from a variety of sources; books, courses, practical training and most valuable of all…life experiences.

About MindTekkers - Hiten Shah

Growing up in the city of London, studying Mathematics at University, then working in the corporate sector, and moving onto self-employment I have interacted with a wide range of personalities and faced many different types of thinkers.

And of course, like everyone, there have been many different personal challenges, difficulties and goals to really test and shape my mental techniques along the way.


It is those challenges and difficulties that led me to learn more about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and then later qualify as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and as a NLP Coach. Within all this learning I was fascinated by the mind, how it works and the profound way in which transformations in mental thinking can have an enormous impact on a person’s life, how they feel, what they achieve and much more.


What is more, I have found many of the techniques invaluable to myself when coming across difficult moments in my life, or in helping those close to me.


And as a coach I found I already had natural skills in listening, empathy, compassion, intuition and a gentle, friendly approach that really helped to connect with my clients and allow them to fully trust me.  Because of this trust, clients are able to be open and honest about their thinking, not just with myself but with themselves. They are then able to explore their goals and challenges in depth and without holding back. This is vital when trying to break down the mental processes, unblock obstacles and analyse how best to move forward.


It is all of this that has inspired me to create and found MindTekkers with the aim of making a difference to as many people as I can by providing the tools, resources and coaching to make mental transformations that help people overcome challenges and achieve goals.  Aside from the coaching, there are many processes, structured exercises and courses that will be of great value to many people.


So for now, I invite you to join me at MindTekkers and add your name to the mailing list below so that we can start our journey of positive change together.

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