Do you want different money results? Change how you think about money

5 steps change money mindset

The path to Financial Freedom starts with your thinking

If you are not satisfied with your financial situation, the reality is that you have to start by changing the thinking that has got you into that situation.

The likelihood is that one or more parts of the thinking that makes up your Money Mindset is not helping you to create the financial situation that you want.

Having problems with your money and finances can be painful.  Very painful.

The stress created by not being able to keep up with bills or not being able to afford even a relatively standard lifestyle can be difficult to handle.

Not having the money to improve your lifestyle or health can be depressing.

What creates this situation very often starts with the Money Mindset that has been developed over time together with financial knowledge and how that has developed over time.  The two very much go hand in hand.

But it is never too late to change and improve your Money Mindset.  And the sooner you can start the better.

5 step action plan to change your Money Mindset

1. Understand your current thinking

The first step is to take stock and understand what your current thinking is. In my Money Mindset Development email series this is where my subscribers start. With the help of my Money Mindset Balance Wheel they become mindful in the key areas that are important to financial success.


In each of the key areas it is time to be honest and identify all the thinking and beliefs which are not helping you get the financial results that you want. Make a list, write it down so that you can keep working through what you uncover.


2. Identify the thinking and beliefs that need to change

3. List the thinking and beliefs that you need instead to succeed

Now you need to design the money mindset that will actually help you to succeed financially.

Replace all the beliefs that have limited your success with empowering beliefs.


It is not easy to let go of old habits of thinking and create new empowering habits. So it is going to take a good plan, determination and regularly action to make it into a habit.

Be creative, be practical, use meditation and affirmations, use reminders…everything that you can think of that works for you.


4. Create an action plan to embed your new empowering Money Mindset into your mind

5. Review and revisit regularly

It’s like going to the gym, one visit is not going to do it…you need to work on this regularly and frequently. And just like going to the gym, you will see results as you get stronger and fitter. This in turn will enable you to do more and learn more.


The most difficult step tends to be step 4.  Changing old money beliefs and habits, some of which have been formed as children, takes effort determination and the right tools and techniques.  This is the part which my coaching clients find most valuable when working with me.  Those beliefs that they have had for many years and feel as if they are glued into them and unremovable take extra work and limiting belief changing techniques.  But once a shift starts to happen, the results can be powerful and life changing.


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