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Helping you create the thinking habits and the mindset that allows you to shape the future you want

Are you being stopped from getting to where you want because of your own thoughts?

Our minds are very powerful and can help us to achieve extraordinary things in our lives.

But that power can also create overwhelm, confusion and lack of focus.

Sometimes we all need a little help to harness that power in the right way so that the mind is working in harmony with our desires and vision for the future.

Hiten Shah Mindset Coach

"I want to create the right space for you to have the powerful insights and thoughts you really want and need..."

Hello, I am Hiten Shah, a Clarity and Mindset Coach and I am passionate about helping to guide people so that they can improve their lives and achieve their goals by developing a strong, empowering mindset.

I believe that everything starts in the mind and with our thinking.

As a Coach I have learned all about the incredible power our minds and how it affects everything we feel, say and do.

Our minds dictate what we say, the habits we have, the actions we take and the behaviours we adopt. This in turn turns into our results in our relationships, career, business and everything else we have in our life.

And that is why, to me, there is nothing more important than making sure our mindset is the very best we can make it…so that we can make the most of our life!

This is why I strive to work with people who want to improve their lives and achieve their goals in life. People who understand that it comes down to exploring their mindset.
With the help of my expertise in Coaching and NLP you can get incredible results that will serve to improve your life now and in the future. I want to create the right space for you to have the powerful insights and thoughts you really want and need to get to where you want in life.
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Coaching is the best way for you to really get to the core of what would make the biggest difference to you and allow you to explore challenges that have been too difficult to change by yourself.
As a Coach I provide a professional but personal service designed to understand you individually in order to create change that will be most impactful for you.
Clarity Coaching
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MindTekkers Mindset Change

Do you have dreams and goals that you are struggling to achieve?

Mindset is the key

It’s one thing having dreams and a vision of your future…but another thing to actually create it and make it happen.

Of course there are external factors which make it challenging.

But the most crucial factors are your mindset, beliefs and clarity of thinking. These factors can lead to you being confused or stressed by your vision. Or fearful and lacking in confidence. The consequences can be that you get distracted or procrastinate. Or easily influenced by other things or other people.

Alternatively, with the right mindset and with clarity you can be single minded and focused on your vision, motivated and energised to take proactive steps. The determination and confidence you have can see you overcome all the challenges that achieving any vision will involve.

What does Mindset mean?

A Mindset can be described as a set of assumptions, beliefs and intentions that determine the thoughts, actions and habits a person generally carries out.

For example, a person with a scarcity mindset believes that resources are scarce and that determines how they think, act and speak. This could also lead to certain anxieties and worries and emotions.

On the other had, a person with an abundance mindset would think and behave in a different manner and therefore would interpret things that happen in their life differently.

There are many different mindsets each of which plays a big part in how you live your life and the results your get.

It is clear that changing and developing your mindset can lead to big changes in your life.

Money Mindset Development

Want to change your Money Mindset?

If you are struggling with money and finances in your personal life or your career/business life then it may well be to do with your Money Mindset.

The thoughts and beliefs you have about money and finances have a major impact on your actions and habits when it comes to money. This translates into the results you get with money and finance.

Change your Money Mindset
Change Your Money Results

By changing your Money Mindset you change your attitude towards money and that translates into different actions and habits.

The results will have a powerful impact on your finances and wealth.

Find out more about how our Money Mindset Resources

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