Money Mindset Coaching

Do You Have A Difficult Relationship With Money?

A love-hate relationship?

Your relationship with money begins to form way back in your early years and all the life experiences you have continue to shape the relationship.

In essence money is merely a tool…but in todays world it is an essential part of living and therefore we form a relationship consisting of all the elements we would with another person. 

Love, hate, desire, gratitude, loss, joy and pain…we can feel all of these emotions and many more when it comes to money.

The thoughts and beliefs that build up over time affect what you say and do when money is involved. This determines the results you get in the long run.

Taking control and changing your financial future starts with examining your relationship with money and transforming it into one that helps you thrive.

In my Money Mindset Coaching Programme we do exactly that.

Money Mindset Coaching
- Transform Your Mind -

Money Mindset Coaching

Create Change In Your Money:


Transformation at the identity level to be the person you want to be.


Change beliefs that hold you back into beliefs that empower you.


Take actions that lead to achieving your goals.


Create habits that make it easier to move towards your goals every day.

Who would benefit from Money Mindset Coaching?

Money Mindset Coaching is for you if you

  • have trouble controlling your spending
  • find it difficult to save money
  • have deep lying thoughts and beliefs about money that you want to change
  • want to have a better relationship with money
  • want to get better at managing your money and finances
  • want a mindset that propels you towards your money goals
  • cannot increase your income because of your money mindset

How can Money Mindset Coaching help you?

Through coaching you can

  • clarify your financial goals
  • understand better what is driving your money behaviour
  • identify your challenges and limiting beliefs
  • work on creating new empowering beliefs
  • create action steps towards your financial goals
  • create new money habits
  • reduce stress as you feel more control about your finances
  • align your money mindset with your life values

Change Starts With Your Thinking

When you change your thinking and your mindset, your energy and motivation changes.

When your energy and motivation changes, your words and actions change.

And this is what eventually leads to your results changing.

Money Mindset Coaching will help you change your Mindset so you can create the future you want

The techniques of coaching are perfectly designed to allow you to identify what needs changing for you to move towards your goals. Once identified coaching provides various ways of creating the changes you need and enables you to become clearer about the actions you need to take to achieve your goals.

Hiten Shah Mindset Coach
Hiten Shah - Mindset Coach

Why I can help you with your Money Mindset

Having always been pretty good with numbers and maths, my education led me to a degree in mathematics followed by a career in the actuarial profession. My knowledge in business, finance and money grew as my experience increased.

However, I was also increasingly interested in personal development, in particular, how the mind works and how to use the mind in a way that helps to achieve our goals in llife.

This led me to train as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner which really helped me to understand the workings of the conscious and unconscious mind, and beliefs and so much more! I continued my training to become an NLP Coach as I really wanted the skills to be able to use what I had learned to be able to help people to improve their thinking and therefore their lives.

Putting together my understanding of the dynamics of money, money management, money growth, the income of money, etc with my knowledge of how the mind, beliefs, habits and goal setting works I wanted to put together a coaching programme that would help people to develop the mindset that would really allow them to overcome the pains and difficulties that many have when it comes to money.

This has led to my Money Mindset Coaching Programme which I have put together for you with the unique combination of knowledge and skills I have acquired in my career.

Your relationship with money can be the source of difficulties and much pain, so it makes sense to focus on creating a powerful and positive relationship. If you have been putting it off or trying not to think about it, now is the time that you can take control and take steps to improving your money mindset.

You can book a Strategy Session in the section below or if you are interested but not sure if this is for you feel free to send me message.


Strategy Session

In your Free Strategy Session we will discuss your goals and objectives together with the challenges and obstacles you face in achieving them.

We will then decide on what would be most beneficial for you to work on and create a plan that will have you moving forward towards the future you want to manifest.

This will help us to put together a Money Mindset Coaching Package tailored to your particular needs.

Take the first step to transforming your future!