I have been fortunate to have worked with some wonderful clients and have received some excellent feedback by which I am humbled. Here is some of the feedback from my coaching clients:


Hiten is a very accomplished coach.

His calm manner, excellent listening and attention to what is being said, and not said helped me make breakthroughs in the sessions and good progress between sessions.

He is creative in helping and encouraging new ways of thinking

and uncovering core beliefs. It was excellent working with him.

Regina B.


Workplace Mentor

I found the sessions I had extremely valuable.

Hiten was very directive with asking the right questions and within a short period of time getting to the core issues impeding me from moving forward.

He is a fantastic listener and very intuitive and picked up on important points during our conversations. This approach coupled with his approachability and empathy made the sessions extremely natural and proactive.

Salma T.



As a creative artist and parent, I have often lacked confidence and focus. However it quickly became apparent what my skills are whilst working with Hiten.

He seemed to have a knack of finding value in everything I had done, and this has left me with a renewed sense of confidence in my abilities and unique take on life.

He has so much kindness and clarity, a totally accepting attitude and great patience. I very much benefitted from this experience and do recommend him wholeheartedly.

Another big plus from this work has been that my financial situation has improved along with my sense of direction.

Rachel P.



Hiten Shah was a great coach.

It was my first time receiving coaching. Hiten helped me clarify what the coaching was and what not.

He was very different type of coach I think. Though I've come across many "life coaches" he was one of the few who focused primarily on money-related mindset.

Jason K.


Self Employed

Just after our initial session, my mindset around money changed dramatically for the better.

My self-value is much more 'realized' than before.

Thanks Hiten!

Loni M.


Somatic Coach