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Pay What You Want Coaching allows you to put a value on what you gain from coaching

* minimum £5 payment

Every month I offer a limited number of Pay What You Want (PWYW) Coaching Sessions and if you would like to take advantage of this special offer then read on to find out what PWYW Coaching is and how it works…

Pay What You Want (PWYW) Coaching is where you choose how much you want to pay!

There is a minimum payment of £5 but you choose the total amount you want to pay for the session.

I am in the business of coaching because I am driven by being able to help people.  To maintain the business in the long term obviously I have to charge a fee for my services otherwise it wouldn't survive very long.


However, I wanted a way to offer coaching to people that is affordable to them. I also want my coaching to be valued by the client. Rather than selecting the value to each client, PWYW Coaching allows the client to decide how much value they got from the coaching.  Of course, I have to trust the client to be fair but I believe most people will be honest and fair.


That is why, for the moment, I have introduced a limited number of PWYW Coaching slots.

Working with a coach can speed up your growth and any change you are trying to make immensely.  And very often, trying to make changes in your own life and in your own mind by yourself can be really difficult to do. That is when the particular skills that a trained coach has can really be invaluable in helping you achieve powerful changes.


Coaching can help you in many ways including gaining clarity, focus, understanding and insight, confidence and certainty, and much more.  It really depends on what your own objectives are and what you want to achieve through coaching. We will focus on what will be most beneficial for you.


Coaching is an investment in your life and your growth.

Whether you are trying to make difficult changes or overcome challenges in your personal life or career/business, coaching can help you.


Here are just a few of the areas clients have asked for coaching with me:

  • Money Mindset
  • Mental Clarity
  • Business strategy and clarity
  • Career progression
  • Mindset changes
  • Relationships
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs


If you are unsure, you can always contact me and we can discuss your particular situation to see if I can help you.

A coaching session will be scheduled to be up to 45 minutes.

The sessions are held online via Skype or Zoom so you will need a suitably reliable internet connection.

Payment is only required after you have had the coaching session. You have up to 24 hours to complete the online payment after the coaching session is finished.  The minimum payment is £5.

Great, all you have to do is:

  1. Complete the form below
  2. You will receive an email with further instructions including a link to propose a coaching session date and time.
  3. If there is an available slot left you will receive confirmation and we will have the coaching session.
  4. After the session you will receive a payment link to choose how much you want to pay and complete the payment .

PWYW Coaching Application